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This versatile disc plow is "user friendly", designed with lower cost and ease of use in mind.

The GroundHog Max ATV/UTV Disc Plow makes preparing food plots a fun, one-person job. If you do food plots, especially remote ones, a few times a year this is the way to go.

The GroundHog MAX ATV/UTV Disc Plow fits most all ATV's, Quads, UTV's, Wheelers, 4-Wheelers or side-by-sides. Any power source that has a strong, well braced 2-inch receiver. If your machine does not have a well braced 2-inch reciever get the whole story on hitches by clicking on hitch options at the top of this page.

Works on 2 or 4-wheel drive, IRS or straight axle, lower CC ATV's work too.

It mounts between the rear wheels and under the ATV/UTV's rear-end. It works by Utilizing the weight of the vehicle (800 to 1200 lbs.) and driver's (200 lbs). No need to add extra weight. Plow in oblong circles, figure 8's or straight.

To hook-up the plow simply back the ATV/UTV up on 4-inch ramps or block to get your wheels up. Then take out one tractor pin. Let the plow down until it touches the ground, raise the plow up one hole, reinstall the tractor pin, back off the ramps or block and start plowing. It plows twice as fast (3-7 mph) and cuts better than the typical pull-behind plow. It is half as wide as a typical pull-behind plow, and at only 46 lbs you can easily store the plow in your truck's toolbox or under your workbench. It comes fully assembled. Replacement parts and technical support are available: 1-877-522-3364.

Easy done food plots with Maximum functionality - Easy to get to your property (no trailer) - Easy to manuver in tight spots - Easy on your machine - Easy on your wallet - Saves time, gas, and money. Imagine the possibilities!

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